Dual-use Shoulder Heat Therapy Wrap

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Dual-use Shoulder Heat Therapy Wrap

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Are you looking for a shoulder therapeutic wrap that can provide you with heated pain relief? Then this dual-purpose shoulder and arm heating pad is perfect for you!
Shoulder Heat Therapy Wrap Reviews
Heat therapy wraps can soothe discomfort away. These gentle pain relievers can be secured on the body to help target back and muscle aches, abdominal cramps, or even pain in the joints, arms, or legs.

With this cordless shoulder heat therapy wrap, pain caused by the frozen shoulder dislocated joint, sprain, bursitis, tendonitis, paralysis, strain, stiff, soreness can be relieved. It is a smart brace and a heated shoulder wrap that can give you amazing shoulder heat therapy and can improve blood circulation.
Heat Therapy Wrap Functions
  • 3 Different Temperature. It is a shoulder wrap heating pad with a temperature that can be changed easily by pressing a single button. White for a low temperature, blue for medium temperature, and red for a high temperature.
  • One size fits more. Dual high-quality plastic loop design for two-way easy adjustment, fit both left or right shoulder for men and women.
  • Breathable and comfortable. It is breathable and lightweight neoprene ease discomfort. Temperature regulating provides warmth yet still allowing air to circulate.

Best Heat Therapy Wrap

How To Use:

  1. Connect strap to the buckle that is on the brace.
  2. Once the strap is in place, put the brace on your shoulder.
  3. Pull the long strap from under the other arm, put it through the buckle, and now it from the other side of the buckle.
  4. Secure the Hook and Loop and make sure to have a firm and secure fit.

How To Use Shoulder Therapy Wrap

Safety Precautions:

  1. Do not use it during sleep to avoid burns. It's recommended to wear the shoulder brace above a T-shirt or cloth to avoid burns. Skin redness is normal for heat therapy.
  2. Do not use over 30 minutes a time. Please pay attention to control the temperature range for needs. It's NOT recommended to use the highest(red light) for a long time. The most suitable temperature is about 110℉- 140℉.
  3. You should turn the power off when not in use. Wait until cool down and keep in a cool dry place.
  4. Do not modify the heating film and control circuit, to prevent man-made damage to hot components
  5. Please do not use it if you are allergic to Neoprene.
  6. NOT for Pregnant women, kids. Not work with pacemakers.

Washing Instructions: Wash it using your hands and do not expose it to the sun, fire or iron to avoid damage the insulator of the heating conductor.
Therapy Wrap for Neck and ShoulderSize of Heat Therapy Wrap for Shoulders

Note: Shoulder braces are just helpful aids, not treatment nor cure method, it just eases the pain. If the heating pad is damaged, please STOP using immediately.




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