Anti Smoking Herbal Patch

Anti Smoking Herbal Patch

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Have control over your habits ad cravings such as smoking with the very effective Anti Smoking Herbal Patch by reducing nicotine withdrawal symptoms.
Natural Anti-Smoking Patches

Did you know that over 5,000,000 deaths a year occur due to cancer caused by smoking? Smoking is one of the most unhealthy and risky activities to engage to, and this Anti Smoking Herbal Patch will help you stop that. It works by using transdermal technology that decreases your cravings for nicotine, hence relieving you from the stress of not having a cigar for a day!

Miracle Anti Smoking Natural Herbal Patch

To stop the cravings, the advanced technology penetrates the skin and releases natural stimuli that affect your vascular system and brain alleviating your physical and psychological dependence on cigarettes. Made with soft fabric that is safe on sensitive skin.

This patch uses a blend of natural oils that controls your hunger without feeding the addiction. Within 14 days, nicotine receptors will decrease, hence making the smokers lose their desire to smoke.

Can Essential Oils Help With Quitting Smoking


  • Reduce Smoke Cravings: Get through the struggles of quitting smoke and dealing with withdrawal symptoms with the help of this patch.
  • Innovative Trans-dermal Technology: Works with therapeutic oils being absorbed through the skin.
  • Lessens Smoke Dependence: Totally decrease your physical and psychological dependence on smoking cigarettes through the continuous use of these patches!
  • Improves Nicotine Withdrawal: This patch replaces nicotine with therapeutic oils that also enable you to calm yourself better.
  • Made with Natural Ingredients: You can get more harmful chemicals than useful ones when you smoke. While these patches only contains natural therapeutic ingredients, you can only accumulate safe and beneficial elements. The powerful herbal blend includes natural tobacco extracts, liquorice, clove, menthol, citric acid, and hops.
  • Say Bye to Long-term Illnesses: Breathe easy and start living healthy by using this Anti Smoking Herbal Patch.
  • Proven and Tested Effective: This has been proven to double your chance of success especially when partnered with a comprehensive program to quit smoking.
  • See Fast Results: Immediate results can be seen by consistently using a patch onto the wrist, arm or chest and allow the natural ingredients to penetrate into your body.
  • Can Save Money: Aside from being free from addiction, you can save up money and spend it on more valuable things in life.
Want to Quit Smoking

  1. Clean your skin and dry it.
  2. Remove the anti-adhesion protection membrane.
  3. Paste the patch on the cleaned upper parts of your body such as your arms, etc.
  4. Attach the Anti Smoking Herbal Patch every early morning after getting up.
  5. Use only during daytime and remove when you go to sleep.
  6. Change a new one after 4 hours.

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Customer Reviews

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Very Helpful

I've been using the herbal patches for the past 2 weeks. I haven't has any craving. Previously I've tried the Nicoderm patches but it causes red, itchy skin.

Worth to try

My husband used these while he was quitting smoking. He swore that they definitely helped ease the cravings. He does recommend using them while quitting, for some additional support.

Highly recommend to anyone!

I have been a smoker for 25 years and this is my first real attempt at quitting. I knew that I wanted to go natural and decided to try this product. With the price what would it hurt to try. I am now six days in and can't believe how easy its been for me

It works perfectly

I've been using these patches to calm my cravings after quitting smoking, and they're perfect. I never feel the urge to smoke when I'm wearing them.

Glad to try it

This herbal patch worked exactly as advertised. It sticks to the skin perfectly and reduces cravings. It helped me greatly on my journey to quit smoking.

It works

If you're thinking of giving up smoking due to health, cost, smell, or whatever, I strongly recommend using this patch.

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