5 Pressure Spiky Ball Massage Muscle Therapy Stick

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5 Pressure Spiky Ball Massage Muscle Therapy Stick

  • Availability: In Stock

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Do you suffer from sore muscles after working out? Or maybe experience cramps in your neck, shoulders, back, hands, feet etc. Here is the perfect solution to all of that.

Spiky Ball Trigger Point Muscle Therapy Stick Roller

Not only do you get the large 5-ball spiky muscle roller stick, but this set also includes two extra massage balls which together are perfect for full body massage relief. Complete deep tissue acupressure tools to target many different pain points on your body from your arms, hands, shoulders, back, legs, neck and feet

Spiky Ball Body Muscle Stick Roller Bar Massager Wand Rolling Trigger Point For Gym Yoga Sport Fitness 
We wanted our handheld back-massage roller stick to be longer, so you can focus on a larger area of your body and get to those hard to reach places on your back. The 5 balls are made of PVC material that is firm but not too hard, so you get good even massage.

Massage Roller With Spiky Balls


  • Massage bar aids in flexibility and elasticity prevents future injury
  • Ideal for massage of any part of a body, such as shoulders, waist, arms, legs, etc. 
  • 360-degree concave-convex surface, can massage every part of your body
  • Environmental plastic and foam material
  • Anti-slip handle with high-quality foam material

Fascia And Cellulite Blaster Pressure Point Muscle Roller Stick 20inches Massage Hand Tool


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Works great! Great value for your money too!

This massage roller is a life saver

This massage roller stick is absolutely amazing!!! My husband and I have suffered from back and sciatica pain for years! With this stick, we are able to find relief without having to rely on each other to massage away the pain. The roller stick is so easy to use on your own and so versatile. The little massage balls it comes with are perfect for relieving sciatic pain. I just sit on it where I feel the most pain and roll back and forth. It’s incredible!!!

Good for deep tissue massage

The nubs are like those on my Adidas massage slippers, only longer. I just received this an hour ago, and I am so happy with my purchase I felt the need to review this. The two balls that came in the package are good for rolling under the feet and also for the arms. The stick rolls very well, I can reach my back. More deep tissue massage than other sticks, I can imagine, due to the little nubs that stick out.

Amazing Product

I purchased this product to help with my lymphatic drainage post op. This product has been extremely helpful. Not only does it help drain the extra fluids but it gives me a great amount of pressure.

Sturdy and well made.

It's sturdy and well made, works great! Shipping was fast.

seems to be effective

I personally think the bumps are too stiff, but I think that helps with the cellulite treatment. I prefer a smoother surface when I massage sore muscles. I only use this one on my thighs.