Rechargeable Ozone Generator | Anti-Microbial Air Purifier

Rechargeable Ozone Generator | Anti-Microbial Air Purifier

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Would you want to have your air purified where ever you are? 

Especially at the moment when the coronavirus is everywhere, we want to make sure the air we breathe is clean and pure. 

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Be it in your room, office or even in your car, you can now enjoy clean air by using Rechargeable Ozone Generator.

ozone explained

How does the ozone generator works?:

This device will generate the ozone which will be used to sterilize the air.

Ozone's sterilizing ability is not affected by the changes in pH and ammonia.

Ozone can quickly kill microorganisms such as bacteria, mold, yeast, and viruses in the air or on clothing.


Virus: Ozone has been proven to be very strong in killing viruses, such as (NCP) Novel coronavirus pneumonia and Poloi viruses can be killed.

Bacteria: Candida albicans, E. coli, and Penicillium can be killed.

The killing rate of ozone on bacteria, viruses, and molds is more than 99%, especially in areas where viruses & bacteria are raging.  After coming back from public places, our clothes can be sterilized by the ozone generators. 

Small in size

It can be use in the Car too.

  • USB Cable for Use in Car
  • Mini Size and Portable
  • Air Washing and Disinfection
  • Rechargeable and Battery
  • Suitable for cars, wardrobes, refrigerators, shoe cabinets
in the car
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Customer Reviews

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Made a big difference for my son’s allergies!

Although the price tag is high and I can understand the hesitation, this product truly has helped my family. My son has a high allergy to dust mites and both him and my husband always seem to be stuffed up at night. I can see a big difference in the way they are breathing and sleeping better at night! The air smells clean and fresh and I feel good knowing it’s eliminating allergens, mold, viruses, bacteria, etc from the air! I bring it around to all the rooms in my house. 😂👌🏽

Great Once You Learn How to Set It Up

Like others have commented, I too had trouble setting mine up. I thought for SURE I had followed the directions correctly and that I had a defective unit. I had boxed it up to send back but then tried once more. After putting the lid on it, you REALLY have to turn the lid hard...which is difficult to do because of the design. I ended up using the felt handle on the side to help me get a better grip and pull it. Doing that finally worked and my unit turned on. You do hear it click and if you haven't heard a good click, you didn't turn it hard enough. The initial set-up process, although frustrating, was worth it. I really like the product and feel like it is working well in our home. It has a number of different settings so you can adjust the volume level on the inner fan to one that works for you. I plan to put ours in the nursery for the new baby to help with germs and odor. Because on the highest setting it can be moderately loud, it eliminates the need for a white noise machine in the baby's room, which is an added plus for me!

lovely, quiet, low power use.

The air purifier is timely in its arrival. It was very simple to set up and get started. It's nearly silent in its operation on the lowest settings. Adjusted for greater air processing, this little machine does make sound and produce somewhat of a breeze. It is barely noticeable and fades into the background. I am sure I'll love this device indefinitely.  I woke up this morning with very clear sinuses. The value has yet to be proven over time with improved breathing, continued rise n shine mornings. I'd say it's an investment if it helps you and your family with healthier days, ease of breathing and happy lungs.

Compact. Effective. Relatively cost-efficient.

Great clean air in a compact package. touts “PECO Purification Technology” which is not a gimmick but a sound method of using nanotech to help get rid of allergens and fight bacteria and mold. Depending on your usage, expect to replace the filtration system about twice a year. The minuses just one filter which integrates the pre-filter and PECO filter. That equals a run cost of $150 yearly, or just about 42 cents a day.

Fresh and clean air - inside your home!

May be small, but, this air purifier is incredibly mighty. You’ll notice an immediate difference in the breathing quality in your space. It cleans, refreshes, breaks down the germs, pet dander and food smells pretty quickly. While this smaller size is really anticipated for one small room, it’s perfect for a bedroom, office or smaller living space. The appearance is clean, it’s not clunky, nor does it give off the vibe of an “appliance” in the open. It’s functional and modern. It’s quiet at a moderate speed, but, as you increase the intensity, it does sound more like a low-speed humming or resemble a fan. Overall, so pleased with this air purifier. Great quality!

Perfect master bedroom companion

It's helping us with Spring allergies and the sound of it is perfect as white noise at night.