Magnetic Acupressure Massage Therapy Insoles

Magnetic Acupressure Massage Therapy Insoles

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Give your feet relief with every step of the way! Start taking care of your feet today because they are more important than you think.
 Acupressure Slimming Insoles

The Magnetic Acupressure Massage Therapy Insoles combines with both magnetic therapy and reflexology to stimulate reflex and acupressure points to improve your health and vitality.

Do Acupressure Insoles Help You Lose Weight

Pressure points located on the soles of your feet are stimulated and will be massaged by your magnetic insoles. The magnet generates heat and spreads it throughout the body.

Turn any footwear into massage footwear by using its eight natural, biological magnets. Over 250 air holes help keep feet dry and eliminate foot odor. Can be trimmed to fit any foot size.

Foot Reflexology Anti-Plantar Fasciitis Relief Pain Breathable Shoes Insoles


  • Eight strategically-placed magnets and raised nodes stimulate reflexology points, alleviating mild to moderate foot discomfort and rejuvenating the entire body.
  • Lose weight by walking with magnetic insoles. Fat cells are weakened in your body through the slimming magnets that emit magnetic waves.
  • It provides soothing pain relief and help increase blood circulation
  • Special magnets massage key areas of your feet
  • Balance energy in your body to reduce stress, increase energy, balance mind & body, and increase fitness
  • Cooling magnets produce gentle magnetic waves with natural magnetic fields
  • Designed with air flow that keeps your feet cool & dry
  • Magnetic massage can strengthen health and resist illness.
  • Made with silicone material that is good for shock absorption
  • Comfortable, easy to clean and well-ventilated.
  • Separate sweat and deodorizing, washing and using freely.

Do Magnets Help With Back Pain

Acupressure Technology
Acupressure is not something you have to use needles for it to work like how acupuncture does. No need to seek costly professional help as long as you’re familiar with the points, you can do it on your own. Acupressure is a type of natural therapy that just uses reflexology points on the body. It needs pressure application on points that are called acupoints. With this, acupoints are normally the ones that trigger the discomfort or the points that are connected to it, making these insoles very effective.

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