Heat Massage Knee Pads | Vibration and Temperature Settings

Heat Massage Knee Pads | Vibration and Temperature Settings

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Suffering from Knee Pain? This Heat Massage Knee Pads helps to ease knee pain and discomfort. 
Heated Knee Pad Massage
Knee brace wrap provides 3 Heating levels and 3 Vibrating levels right in your certain knee area, for knee arthritis pain relief and injury recovery. It will be an ideal gift for your family and friends
Relief knee pad
Family knee pain
It's comfortable and stays in place as well. The form and little rubber grips on the skin-side of the brace help it to stay in place even after hours of hiking. It won’t slip down as you walk.
Knee Pad Functions
  • Smart Temperature Adjustment - 3 gears for temperature adjustment (low, medium, high), 1 button for power on/off and temperature adjustment.
  • Superior Material - material presents soft and comfortable using experience, and good for keeping warm and achieving the medical therapy purpose.
  • Strong Function - Can effectively help to relieve physical local fatigue and pain, ease anti-inflammatory and analgesic, swelling, improve blood circulation, promote metabolism and clear meridians.
  • Users Friendly Design - with a little pouch near the power cord for power band storage, ensuring that the knee band can be used anywhere anytime. Interlayer design for cartridge bag for more effective hot compress.
  • Widely Applicable - Suitable for people who suffer from arthralgia, arthritis, bone hyperplasia, and leg muscle pain. It can also help to protect your knee while doing daily activities and health care.
Reusable Knee Heat WrapHOW TO WEAR
  1. Please relax your knee.
  2. Put your preferred cartridge bag in the interlayer.
  3. Slowly tighten and fasten all the velcro straps starting with the lowest one first, then the middle and finally the top strap.
  4. Don't make it too tight. Ensure that you can slide two fingers under your support belt.
  5. Walk for a few minutes to assess your comfort.
  6. Connect the power.
  7. Press the button for power on
  8. Press the button for the selection of your desired temperature.
       **Low heat: 45-55℃; Medium heat: 55-65℃; High heat: 65-75℃.

  • 1 x knee brace
  • 1 x power line
Package in the heated knee pad


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This the best I've used

This the best I've used. I can have it on all day and it doesn't slip down. Wonderful support.

Five Stars

All are great and meet my highest satisfaction.Ethel Carter

This is the best i have tried for support and comfort

This is the best i have tried for support and comfort. It is longer and does not dig in when bending my knee when working.

Five Stars

works well

If you need it buy it

Well worth it. This one was better than the one I received through the doctor's office.

I ended up buying three different braces and this is the best one. It fits nicely under pants

I recently 'twisted' my knee doing some work. I ended up buying three different braces and this is the best one. It fits nicely under pants, whether dress pants or jeans, adjusts to fit perfectly and provides strong support.