Ginger Extraction Deep Nutrition Treatment Combo Set For Hair Growth

Ginger Extraction Deep Nutrition Treatment Combo Set For Hair Growth

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Here's the newest and most effective way to prevent baldness and hair loss!

Best Hair Growth Treatment* Disclaimer: Specific results may vary from individual to individual.

Essential oil is thought to promote hair growth and reduce hair loss by balancing the oil-producing glands in the scalp. But, have you ever imagined how effective it will be if you mix it on an anti-hair loss shampoo?

This Ginger Extraction Deep Nutrition Treatment Combo Set is a combination of the best oil for hair growth and best anti-hair loss shampoo. Both are naturally made and not harmless

Effective Way to Stop Hair Loss

Hair Growth Essential Oil Features and Benefits:

  • Balance Sebum Product: Reconstruct the scalp barrier function. Control excessive oil produced in the scalp. Because lots of oil will block the hair follicles, hinder the absorption of pores and nutrients.
  • Restore A Healthy Scalp: Restore hair loss. Plant active essence nourishes hair follicles, restores a healthy scalp and repairs damaged hair follicles, providing your hair with the nutrition it needs daily.
  • Improve Nutrient Supply: Strengthen the roots of the hair. For long term use, the nutrients can be constantly supplied to the hair core, making the new hair longer and stronger.

How Does Herbal Hair Care Works

Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo Features and Benefits:

  • The proteins and herbal extracts in the shampoo stimulate hair growth and prevent hair loss by activating and strengthening the hair follicles, in addition to increasing hair density, reducing split and broken hair, moisturizing the scalp and nourishing the hair.
  • Energizing root to tip. Boosts the development of healthy hair follicles, lessen thinning hair, strengthen fibers against breakage, and thicken existing hair strands for fuller-looking and thicker-feeling hair
  • Combines advanced biological hair-care technology with traditional oriental herbal extracts for maximum effectiveness.
  • ALL NATURAL - Made of herbal extracts and natural ingredients such as Polygonum multiflorum, Dictamni radix, Pseudo-ginseng, Melaleuca alternifolia, Old ginger, Lateral shoot leaves, and more.
  • It does not include any harmful chemicals or additives, providing a gentle, yet effective cleansing for all hair and scalp types.
  • NO SIDE EFFECTS – the All Natural composition of the DEXE Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo has no side effects, allowing you to feel fully confident while using the shampoo.

Is Anti Hair Loss Shampoo Effective

How To Use:

When used together, this will make a great and effective treatment for hair growth.

  1. Wet hair thoroughly with warm water.
  2. Inject 3mL of hair growth essential oil unto each 100mL bottle of anti-hair shampoo and stir it evenly. (6mL essential oil for a 200mL bottle of anti-hair loss shampoo.)
  3. Or mix a 1 drop of essential oil into the shampoo on your palm and apply on your scalp and rub it to get rich foam.
  4. Massage the hair root and scalp for 2-3 minutes with your finger to clean the hair pore.
  5. Rinse with water, wash out the foam.
How To Use Ginger Extraction Deep Nutrition Treatment


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