Electrotherapy Neck Collar Massager | Relieve Neck Pain And Massage Sore Muscles

Electrotherapy Neck Collar Massager | Relieve Neck Pain And Massage Sore Muscles

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Did you know that the work environment can provoke stress? Which in its turn triggers headaches, neck pain, repeated migraines, stiff neck, and sleeping disorders? 

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Sedentary lifestyle and poor posture are also no good to our health. Even hard training in the gym after sitting the whole day at your desk can lead to pinched nerves, tight muscles, and different types of injuries. So what, no physical activity at all? Or is there a solution?

Neck Massager To Relieve Neck Pain
Electrotherapy Neck Collar Massager is an electric pulse massager that eases the muscles tension and cervical fatigue. The built-in magnets provide massage of human acupoints, thus benefiting the stressed muscle tissues and nervous system in general. Such magnetic therapy reduces stress and helps to find the balance in life. The mechanical action realized by electric pulse stimulates the nerve acupoint.Back & Neck Heating Electric Pulse Pain Relief Infrared Massager


  • Ergonomics. The massager adopted U shape, is in accordance with the streamline and ring-type design of human neck cervical. What’s more, the neck strap can be adjusted to 160°, you can adjust it freely. 6 modes transferable and 10 kinds of intensity adjustable. You can choose any mode or intensity according to your need.
  • Functional Characteristics: Annulus Traction (Low-frequency Electrotherapy), Far-infrared Heating Massage, Vibration Massage, Magnetic therapy, Electronic Impulse.
  • Magnetic effect. The built-in magnetic can massage human acupoint, which can balance the nervous system, improve the oxygen supply, microcycle and the nutrition status of the tissue cells.
  • Electric massage. It can stimulate repeatedly nerve acupoint to promote metabolism, relax muscles and eliminate soreness etc. 3D intelligent fit technology. You can easily adjust electrode according to your neck curve.
  • Electrode patch. It combines a variety of massage techniques in traditional Chinese medicine, promoting blood circulation, massage coverage more widely. The massager can be used on neck, back, leg and waist etc, applicable for the whole body.

How To Use TENS To Treat Neck Pain

  1. Balances your nervous system
  2. Eliminates pain
  3. Relaxes muscles
  4. Promotes blood circulation
  5. Improves oxygen supply, microcycle, nutrition of the tissue cells
  6. Promotes metabolism.

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Package includes:

  • 1 x Massager
  • 1 x Pair of Massage Pads
  • 2 x Wires
  • 1 x User manual
  • (Batteries are not included)


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Customer Reviews

Based on 70 reviews

Smaller than expected. But works well. Also instruction booklet not very clear about the different modes.

It’s really pretty good!

It is easy to use and also comfortable.

Easy to use and portable!

Easy to use. It has helped my neck after a long day of work!

Need to wait!

Works well, but there is a delay while it is setting itself up. runs for 15 minutes and automatically shuts off. have not used the pads yet, but am sure they will work just as well

Stress relief

Damn this is awesome stress reliever it works like magic very comfortable it comes with a little cushion pad so it’s comfortable and it’s very easy to use. Ok one this you should know is you need to buy battery’s. But the quality is very good. Definitely recommend it because I’m loving it

Great to relax after a long day!

This was easy enough to get going. I really like that it just rests on your neck and your hands can just hang and not have to hold anything. The massage is really, really good. It feels like I got one of those nice neck and shoulder massages from one of those masseuses walking around in the casinos in Vegas. I like using it with one of those travel pillows that you can put your face into and lean over. The price is very reasonable for such a device. I've seen similar electric massagers going for way more. Great stuff!