Electronic Pulse Analgesia Acupuncture Pen For Body Pain Relief

Electronic Pulse Analgesia Acupuncture Pen For Body Pain Relief

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Experience relief with the wonder of Electronic Pulse Analgesia Acupuncture Pen For Body Pain Relief.
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Based on trans-cutaneous nerve stimulation (TENS), Electronic Pulse Analgesia Acupuncture Pen activates endorphins, the body′s natural defense system against pain within 30-second self-applied treatment. The device is very portable because of its pen-shaped design.
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  • Activation of natural defense system of the brain and spinal cord analgesic endorphins - the human body, so as to provide effective treatment to alleviate.
  • Portable and easy to use
  • Can be used for either acute and chronic pain, such as muscle pain, back and shoulder pain, in the arms and legs, headache and migraine, tennis elbow, sports injuries, sciatica and other physical pain.
  • Pulses per second is designed without power supply and with minimum volume.
  • Validity period reach to 100000 clicks.
  • There is no danger of excessive use.
  • Can work through thin clothing.
  • The device is built like a pen with a pulse shape, that gives quick effect, portability and convenience.
  • Effectively helps you to relieve pain.
  • It does not require batteries with its external power supply that is completely sealed.


  1. Firmly wrap your finger around the metal ring.
  2. Place the pen over the point of the pain and click the gray button 30 to 40 times, each time for 30 seconds.

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This device is not suitable for:
  • People that use a pacemaker
  • The carotid artery and front throat
  • Head and larynx muscle
  • Open injury and wounds
  • Over the heart
  • Eye pain
  • Body parts implanted with metal
  • Places near oxygen and flammable liquid
  • In and around your eyes.
  • If you suspect you are in your first 16 weeks pregnancy.
  • On the carotid sinus nerves, laryngeal or pharyngeal muscles on the front/side of your neck.
  • On wet skin or in damp surroundings.
  • If you suffer from epilepsy.

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