Detox Ion Foot Spa | Detox Foot Bath

Detox Ion Foot Spa | Detox Foot Bath

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Experience a professional spa at home with this foot ion cleanse machine.
How Detox Ion Foot Spa Works
An ionic foot detox works by pulling the toxins out of your body through your feet. It is a method for detoxifying the entire body by bathing feet in the water while using positive and negative ions electrolyzed from an ion generator. The array element is the ion generator device that sits down into the water and creates the ion charge and flow within the solution.
Using the latest ionic detox foot bath technology, this professional and high-quality device offers you the most effective detox foot spa yet. 
How o Use Detox Ion Foot Bath
This professional ionic foot bath will provide you with instant benefits like increased energy, better sleep & relieved pain, while the symptoms of swelling & inflammation will be improved in the long run. As our feet play a vital role in regulating our body temperature and encouraging blood flow, your overall health will also be enhanced.

With just 20 minutes of use a day, it provides you with a sense of lighter feeling, relieving common problems like arthritis, pains, swollen joints, edema, gout, and more.
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  • Heal various health problems e.g. swelling, pain, inflammation, insomnia
  • Remove negative ions
  • Get rid of toxins, fluids, chemicals, radiation, pollution etc.
  • Encourage a better flow of blood circulation
  • Prevents blockage of the lymphatic system
  • Improves metabolism & favors weight loss
  • Purifies your body effortlessly
  • Completely safe to use

Is Ionic Foot Bath Safe

How To Use:

  1. Pour 15-17cm of water into the footbath, add 1-20g of special solute for pedicure or household edible salt, and then mix well (both feet should be fully immersed in water and the ionic head should also be fully immersed in water.) The height of the water should completely cover the ion head.
  2. Connect the ion head and power cord, and press the switch to start the device.
  3. The indicator lights will flash in order, each indicator light will flash for 5 minutes, and the detox will last for 30 minutes.
  4. This ionic detox foot bath will continue to sound for 3 seconds after the 30-minute detox, and the 6 lights will be on at the same time with a beeping prompt, this indicated that you may already unplug the device.

Water Indicator Foot Spa

Package includes:

  • 1 x Foot SPA Machine (It does not contain a Plastic Basin.)
  • 1 x Detox Foot Bath Array
  • 1 x Power Adapter

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This is amazing!

It is amazing!! I have seen lots of dirty from my feet. Every 5 minutes, I see that the color in the water is getting darker: light yellow, bright yellow,yellow. I used it for a few days, and my joint pain seems to have eased, and dark circles have also been eliminated a little. I will continue to use this.


I absolutely love this product!!! Works great and for the price paid to buy this would have only gotten two treatments at the spa.....


I do believe the footbath has helped me with joint pain and parasites

Works! And yes, it really is doing something

As a practitioner in a holistic group practice it frustrates me to contend with the negative influence of big pharma and Western medicine (who don’t really want us to be well without needing medicine) on the many natural opportunities for healing. Too bad money talks louder that good health. Your skin is your largest organ, and the release of toxic substances via your pores using a foot detox, as well as detoxifying baths after dry brushing, are the best way to help your body stay healthy.


Now we can provide two foot detox treatment together. We had to order another foot detox because we really loved the first that we have.


Water cools off before your done. Needs heater

Ionic Detox Foot Bath Reviews