Complete Set Blood Glucose Meter Starter Kit

Complete Set Blood Glucose Meter Starter Kit

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This kit has everything you need to test your blood sugar levels. 

Blood Sugar Monitor With Test Strips

Completer Set Blood Glucose Meter Starter Kit is a medical device for determining the approximate concentration of glucose in the blood. Many diabetic patients find it challenging to insure that all the proper supplies are accounted for, to receive accurate results in his/her glucose level.

This Small, sleek design Blood Glucose Meter Kit provides all the appropriate supplies that are required to test your sugar level. The Safe Accu Blood Glucose Test Strip is intended for use by people with diabetes in the home and by healthcare professionals in clinical setting as an aid in monitoring the effectiveness of diabetes control.

Compact Design To Measure Your Glucose


  • EVERYTHING YOU NEED FOR AT HOME TESTING: Our blood sugar tester kit brings everything you need for an accurate blood sugar test :Blood glucose monitor x 1 + test strips x 50 or 100 + lancing device + Lancets x 50 or 100 +carry case + user manual
  • FRESH & LONG EXPIRATION DATE: All code-free test strips are fresh with 12-24 months expiration date guaranteed.
  • EASY TO USE: No code required. Just insert the test strip to Wait For the Result.Battery Included so you can start testing as soon as the kit arrives
  • SMALL BLOOD SAMPLE: Minimally invasive and requires only a small blood sample
  • FAST AND ACCURATE READINGS - Get results in 10 seconds with just a tiny 0.6 µL blood sample needed

A Continuous Glucose Monitoring System

About test strips:

  • Store test strip vials in a cool, dry place below 30 Celsius or 86 Fahrenheit. Keep away from direct sunlight and heat. Do Not Freeze.
  • Use each test strip immediately in 3 minutes after removing it from the vial.
  • Write the discard date (6 months after first opening the vial) on the vial label when you first open it. Discard the remaining test strips after the discard date.
  • Do not use test strips beyond the expiration (printed on the package) or discard date, whichever comes first, because they may cause inaccurate results.
  • Avoid getting dirt, food or liquids on the test strip.
  • With clean, dry hands you may touch the test strip anywhere on its surface.
  • Do not bend, cut, or alter test strips in any way.
  • Never reuse a test strip that has had blood applied to it.Self-Monitoring Blood GlucoseSmart Blood Glucose Meter & 50 Test Strips Lancets


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Reliable, Easy-to-Use Product

This device is very comfortable to use, and the instructions are quite clear and well drawn out. The design is very sleek and modern and the gold-tipped test strips seemed to be accurate. Overall, was a great and reliable product.

it is very easy to use

I have been using this monitor for a few weeks and find it very easy to use. Less expensive than the Abbott Precision Xtra and the test strips are more affordable as well. Shows glucose results in 5 seconds.

Compact and easy to use

Compact and easy to use! My doctor was a little concerned about one high blood sugar reading I had at my last physical and I wanted to verify that there is no chronic issue. Thank you for giving me some peace of mind.

Everything you need to check your Blood Glucose

I’m very pleased with my purchase!! Everything I needed is included.
Thank you!!

Verified accurate

From start to finish, a test can be accomplished in 1 1/2 minutes. This includes getting device out of case, cleaning finger, inserting strip, sticking finger and touching strip to blood for testing. Could not be easier! I tested machines accuracy/calibration with supplied test solution and machine tested good. I double checked this machines accuracy by taking it with me to a lab and we tested the same drop of blood and got same result! Lab tech said that was very rare that a patients device checked that well. I don't think you can get better than that! Buy with confidence.

Great product, great price!

This was a great find! My husband was recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and I wondered how I measured up. I bought one of these for myself and my husband uses the more expensive One Touch. This one works wonderfully! I am buying more test strips for my husband to use my meter, because they are so much cheaper than the One Touch and do the same thing! So glad I found this meter!!!