Blood Glucose Meter Device Set With 500 Sets Data

Blood Glucose Meter Device Set With 500 Sets Data

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Get your blood sugar level accurately with this handy glucose meter anytime, anywhere!
Accurate Glucose Meter
A glucometer, also known as a glucose meter or blood glucose monitoring device, is a home measurement system you can use to test the amount of glucose (sugar) in your blood.

Our Blood Glucose Meter Device Set With 500 Sets Data contains everything you need to test your blood sugar easily and accurately. It includes a blood glucose meter, test strips, sterile lancets, a surgical lancing device, and a carry case.
How To Use Glucometer
  • Large Screen Display. The result will appear in large clear font for you to see the result easily and clearly.
  • 500 Sets Memory Data. This little blood sugar test machine can recall up to 500 data results. It can help you compare your blood glucose results in real time.
  • Easy to operate. Just insert the test strips into the blood glucose meter and apply a minimal amount of blood to the test strips. 
  • Tiny 0.6μL Blood Size. To reduce the pain.
  • Easy to carry. With its small design, you can carry this glucose meter anywhere and use it anytime.
  • Simple and convenient. This glucometer is a one button operation and takes only 6 steps to get the result easily.
  • Fast and Accurate. It takes only 5 seconds to get an accurate result.

Blood Glucose Meter Device Set With 500 Sets Data Reviews


  • Test Range: 1.1-33.3mmol/L
  • Blood Needed: 0.6
  • Correction: Automatically Correct password card
  • Test Time: 5 s
  • Enzyme: Glucose Oxidase
  • Value storage memory: 500
  • Automatically exits the test strips
  • Automatic Reminder: blood sugar level and blood ketone reminder

Glucometer Instructions

Warning: This product contains small and sharp parts. So it is important that you keep out of the reach of children and pets.

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Customer Reviews

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Highly recommend!

Really like how this product has everything you need in the kit and is affordable. I needed to buy one for my cousin who was runny low on supplies while visiting us.

Accurate small tech

Couldn't beat kit contents for my money. Meter design's compact, smart. Kit's easy to use (quick start guide images) & painless. Tested twice off the same blood drop with exact same result.

Easy and Economical

As a registered nurse, I have a lot of experience with glucometers. This glucometer is easy to use, easy to learn, and the strips are economical to reorder. I was able to quickly check my blood sugars with minimum prep and it read out in 5 seconds. The amount of blood required was very small and the finger-stick device arrived set perfectly. It is adjustable for depth of stick from 1-5 and came set on 3 which was deep enough to draw blood and shallow enough for it to not hurt at all. The case holds everything needed but is a nice compact size which would be handy for traveling. Very happy with my purchase.

Purchased for a relative...

I bought this device for one of my relatives as a gift because he was complaining about his previous device. He's in his 50s and was diagnosed with diabetes this year. He said he particularly loves the lancing device and finds a very onsistent accuracy. Unlike any other product he's used, he can adjust the depth of the lancing. He gives 5 stars to this device.

Accurate! Affordable!!!

I used to use another brand meter but I am switching over to this kit! Results are accurate and consistent. And refills are so affordable!!!

Bang For Your Buck

You get a lot for your money. Easy to use. Got extra instructions but I have not needed them. Works like other systems I have used. I only have to check once a week. Appears to keep accurate record.