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This is amazing!

It is amazing!! I have seen lots of dirty from my feet. Every 5 minutes, I see that the color in the water is getting darker: light yellow, bright yellow,yellow. I used it for a few days, and my joint pain seems to have eased, and dark circles have also been eliminated a little. I will continue to use this.


I absolutely love this product!!! Works great and for the price paid to buy this would have only gotten two treatments at the spa.....


I do believe the footbath has helped me with joint pain and parasites

Works! And yes, it really is doing something

As a practitioner in a holistic group practice it frustrates me to contend with the negative influence of big pharma and Western medicine (who don’t really want us to be well without needing medicine) on the many natural opportunities for healing. Too bad money talks louder that good health. Your skin is your largest organ, and the release of toxic substances via your pores using a foot detox, as well as detoxifying baths after dry brushing, are the best way to help your body stay healthy.


Now we can provide two foot detox treatment together. We had to order another foot detox because we really loved the first that we have.


Water cools off before your done. Needs heater

Strongly recommended ionic detoxification foot bath

I love this, I have used this 7 times already. Truelly an amazing personal use. Can not believe what comes out of my body. The first session alone detoxed me enough to help me think clearer, sleep better and overall feel better. This system is top of the line and the price is fantastic! I think it is actually helping me lose weight too. I am really glad I bought it.

We Like It So Far

We've run this 3 times so far, and my husband and I both like it. Set up was confusing for the first few minutes but my husband figured it out. The product is labeled in English, but as a 2nd language so reading the details is slightly off in translation. Have basic table salt on hand and ready to go, but it only takes a small amount (like a 1/2 tsp). I'm not sure what the different cycles are exactly doing, but the light indicator goes through 4 cycles and then tells you when it's done. I quickly got a dull headache when I started, but then about 10 mins after I was done I felt fine and more energized than before. My husband was the opposite - no headache during, but then he got really tired after and just wanted to go to sleep. We're happy with the quality so far, seems fine for the price.


Ahh I love it I feel so much better after only using it twice. I can not believe how much junk came out of me. I give it 5 stars. I seen one at the fair and it does the very same thing. The best thing it was a lot cheaper.

Great detox foot bath spa machine

I absolutely LOVE this machine and I am so happy that I made the right choice.

Can not do without it!

My job involves wearing heels everyday and stand for long time, so my feet feels sore and tired after work. I use this five days a week my soreness goes right away. Very easy to use and you get the benifit of soaking your feet every time.

This really works and easy to use with amazing results!

I am highly pleased with this foot detox bath. I received amazing results on the 1st time and know the importance of detoxing body for optimal health.

Great Quality

The best at a reasonable price!

works as expected

my husband and I use this for a detox once a week and it really works. It has made his knees feel much better. It is pretty gross what this can pull out of your feet and you don't feel anything.

Just wonderful.

Just wonderful. This machine is easy to set up. The seller is so amazing to communicate. I had some issues with the machine and the seller was very quick to fix my issues. I have been using this machine over a month now and I can not be any happier with that. My friend wants to buy this detox machine too for herself.

Skeptical at first but this worked effectively

I got this professionally done a couple weeks ago and wanted to invest in this myself. This worked really well.
Great deal, particularly for the price. I'm surprised to have that much come out, especially when I had this done only a couple weeks ago!


This works amazing. You will not be disappointing.

Wonderful foot bath machine!

I love this foot bath. It has helped me so much. I suffer from sever foot pain, sometimes so much it hurts to walk. This has really eased the pain and even eliminated it. Btw, do NOT put too much salt in the water too much will cause the ionizer not to work


I use it once a week and always feel great after. This machine is easy to use and gets its job done.

It's okay

Fair instruction, used it 3 times, worked without a problem.


Used it. It's nice but couldn't feel the difference.

Good instructions

This is really a good thing to have if you ever feel like you want to clear out your nose. For me, I have terrible allergies every season and cannot breathe when sleeping. I have tried several types of medicines for allergies but this item seems to work best for me. Plus, this one uses no harmful chemicals since its just water and small salt packets. Lastly, the size of the bottle makes it handy if you want to travel with it. Nice item.

Get it!

Omg I LOVEEEE this. I just got it today and I've been on it for the past 2 hours. Head, neck, back, butt, everything and everywhere! If you're thinking of getting it, GET IT!!

Great design and quality

Love the quality and design of this product. I like this so much more than a standard design neti pot. I have been using mine for about a year with no issues.

Excellent product, high quality, accurate

The kit includes everything you need. High quality meter that is easy to read. It takes just minute to set up and get your level. The kit is portable, and allows me to test discretely at my desk. The lancet doesn’t really hurt that much and sure your measurements are accurate.