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Standing Touch Free Infrared Thermometer with Disinfectant Dispenser

This has worked perfectly for our Child Development Center. The Children look forward to stepping in front of the thermometer when they arrive.

Back brace

Works well. After back surgery I needed extra support! This brace really helps ease the pain and correct my posture.

Couldn't be happier!

This really works for me - I can see improvement in a situation I thought could only get worse over time. I'm very pleased!

Good purchase

Simple and did what it said, helped my knees, also gives some support to hamstring too....

No Grinder

Great inexpensive way to straighten teeth that got misaligned from grinding them at night while I'm asleep. I wear the alignment trainer when I go to bed. I can tell it's working!

Magnetic acupressure reflexology gel insole

I think it's fulfilling it promises

Not sure if it is working. Just started

Just started wearing it 2 sessions of 2 hours each. Not sure if it is working.

An Improvement

I was hoping for a more dramatic improvement on how standing all day felt, but there is SOME improvement with the inner soles.

They look great and are very comfortable. Hope they will avoid my neuroma morton pain while playing golf.


Still trying, looks helpful, worth trying

Very supportive

My husband has arthritis in both his ankles and finds the extra support awesome!


Great help, very comfortable. How did I managed without them.

Not sure if this is helping or not?

I have been using the acupressure insoles for over a month. I'm not sure if it is helping me? Maybe it is and I can't tell? Only negative I would say is that sometimes the metal tabs pop off and I have to find them and put them back in.

So far so good. I’m not sure that I read anywhere prior to getting it, that it only provides up to 65% pure oxygen, so I’d like to do a little more research to see if that’s standard for this type of device. Overall, it works great.


This unit meets the promised relief goals for me. Smooth operation and efficient heating.

Personal eye messager

I use it at night to relax for bed. I wish it did not automatically shut off so I can complete my 40 min guided meditation & have to keep linking up & restarting my meditation video. I use it on my head & neck too. I like personal eye messager.


I almost walk normal after 1000 of Dollars for Doctors and Testaments and 3 years of pain. Just the best thing ever happened to me!!!

Happy daysgreat support and very comfortable

Very happy

I’ve got my gait back!

I’ve had knee problems for 8 years after a fall no real damage just a weird pan occasionally. But within the first day of using these, I’m back on my feet, moving with ease and so happy I decided to try them!

Great deal

I’ve been using these for a few weeks and I really like them! Not near the cramping in my feet as before and not as much foot pain.

Life changing, miracle tool

Sometimes I was almost in tears because my back, neck and body pain were so intense. But since my Shiatsu Spinal Neck Cervical Pillow arrived, the pain is manageable. I use this as part of my morning routine now and although I initially feel pain, it soon turns into pleasure release. I also use it for other parts of my body, although I’m not entirely sure this would be recommended. I highly recommend anyone with pain to try this.

Handheld Shower Body Anti Cellulite Massager