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I'm All Smiles

The Sonic Tooth Stain Eraser and Plaque Remover is easy and comfortable to use. My teeth felt and looked better after just one try. I like having the different head options. This product will be part of my regular oral hygiene program.

Works great

Great machine. It does what it's supposed to do

It works!

My husband has been using this patch for a few years and it seems to speed up the metabolism which helps to keep the numbers lower.

Highly recommend your product.

Works Well

I didn’t have high expectations, but this seems to deliver the “real deal”. I use this to augment O2 in my CPAP. Settings are very simple and nearly impossible to mess up. Sound is reasonable. I put it on the floor and with my Apple Watch measured the noise. It was 48 dB. Up on the bed, it was around 38 dB, which is about the same as a library. Overall I am impressed

Exactly what we expected

The product is okay. I think the mounting could be improved upon. The sanitizer dispenser works great as well as the thermometer, but the alert beep does get a bit annoying at times. I will have to again read the instructions thoroughly and see if there is a way to turn it down a little. Overal pleased with purchase.

fine quality, excellent comfort

The only seat cushion I've found that relieves both tailbone bruising and hemorrhoid pain. Ordered two more.
Appears to be well made.
Navy cover blends anywhere.
Slow delivery over the holidays; but then so was everything else slow.

Absolutely incredible

Absolutely incredible! Worth every dollar! This is more than enough for my post workout and tense muscles. I can’t say enough about it and the accessories that come with it. The carrying case is also nice!!

Good stuff

Brilliant machine. Just what we need for cleansing our holiday cottage.

This really works!!

This is actually great! I find myself gravitating to it each day. I use it with my yoga mat when I lay down for meditation. I have a lot of TMJ, neck, and shoulder issues and it helps to relax and alleviate the pain.

The pressure, vibrations, and heat are all wonderful. There is no way to use all three of the settings without the music. I’ve learned to turn on the bluetooth to my phone without anything on just to avoid having to listen to the music especially during a headache.

Easy to use, fast delivery. Delicate, I loved my new dental scaler. Thanks

Overall, it is satisfactory. It has many different massage grades. For my mother, its power is just right.

The most important to know is that the product really works and cover yours expectations

I really love this product! works just great and about the heat is just PERFECT! I am on my feet every day as part of work but, the last two weeks the pain on my heels was terrible. Looking for something to help me with my pain I begin searching for a good product as for good price. And wow! Let me tell you that this is just the best and I highly recommend.

My grandson uses this daily and it’s very sturdy I must say.

Is it good for bicycling?

I bought this for bicycling. it worked great with my bicycle helmet and the fit was right on for my face. I needed a strap chord to hold the shield from sliding, but the fit was already great and comfortable. You can’t flip this open, so drinking and putting food in your mouth won’t work, you would need to remove the shield. It doesn’t fully cover the lower part of your face, it just rest lightly on your chin, I’m an adult male. Completely satisfied with the tint, it is evenly tinted throughout the face.

They are prompt to respond if there is a problem and will rectify it.

I bought 3 of these units and one had a slight defect. I contacted the seller who was very quick in responding and rectifying the problem. I am very happy with the product and would definitely buy from them again.

100% would recommend!

Great workout ab wheel roller. Extremely stable and comfortable to use, very beginner-friendly (even my sister who doesn't love working out finds them fun and enjoyable to use!). It's the perfect resistance for every-day exercises and strength training with higher reps. Would definitely recommend.

Awesome product I love it!!!


Effective and easy to use could do with mix selections in instructions

Nice product.

Really relief the back and neck pain. I use it every day.

Eye massager

I loved this product!!! It helped me fall asleep better and the benefits of this eye massager is worth the price!

Similar vibration to electric tooth brush

This is an easy to use tool to clean your teeth. It really helps to get in to the deep back molars that are to take care of. I could see all the plaque that comes out of there. My teeth had never been so clean. The vibration is very similar to an electric toothbrush.

Fast shipping and great customer service, Highly recommended.